Reflecting on the past academic year.

It’s been tough, enjoyable and stressful at times but I have learnt such a lot. I had dealt with a transition from a teaching in a primary school into further education, which has been interesting to say the least. The fact is working in both has made me look at how different from one end of the scale is to the higher end.

Young adults come to college bringing in previous experiences of subject knowledge and some with the barrier to learning further because they had a challenging time in school. Primary children, well they just pretty much love everything you do! You are their hero! In primary, children just love you and I would always get asked “Miss, when do we have you next?” and “I love your lessons, can we have you all day!” those moments I cherish. Working in a primary school certainly wasn’t a breeze and I admire what other teachers do on a daily basis. To watch children help other children with tasks you taught them is truly amazing, as well as seeing them grow.

Working with young adults can often be a challenge also, they either like ICT or they don’t! They either want to learn or they don’t! There really is no in between. Getting to know them and what they like takes time and sometimes quite a lot of reassurance and encouragement to overcome their barriers to life and learning.

The past year I have seen students achieve so much, past their exams and go on to do better things with their lives. I don’t really think that I was part of that, young adults do not often show their appreciation but when they do, it is the greatest gift of all. You know they truly are thankful. We get so involved in teaching, learning ourselves and ensuring our students do well that we forget just how much our part that we play is very important.

I’m still learning as a teacher in further education but it is worth every effort to see students succeed. That is the greatest achievement of all.