Now for my next challenge!

Its the weekend and I am starting to prepare myself to go back to college, putting myself in that right mindset to go back to my teacher role that I enjoy, love and work hard for. Having a work-life balance has been important to me over the holiday and I really have done my best this time to look after myself and enjoy family life. Okay I did think about work just a little because it is difficult at times to pull yourself away.

When I go back next week, I will be thinking about how I am going to prepare for a challenge that I have set myself, quite a big challenge in fact because I am going to go back to being a student with the Open University and study a Masters Degree in Technology Management. 

At times I feel excited, other times I think how will I manage with my teaching job as well as study. However, I want to be a great role model to my students as well as my children and show them that anything is possible, we can achieve anything if we put our minds to it. I want to keep learning and to also be able to share more knowledge with my learners. Technology is a subject that is ever changing in this world and keeping up to date in my specialist subject is so important. Since studying a degree and completing teacher training, I am now ready for my next challenge, which will start in November. 

To be continued…